A metal bellows is a precision-engineered, flexible metal component that acts as a leak-tight seal– effectively separating two environments from one another. These versatile parts can convert changes in pressure, temperature, and position into linear motion and be used for rotary transmission that maintains flexible mechanical and electrical connections.

Metal bellows products are used in a wide variety of industrial and mechanical applications and are designed to compress, extend, or bend to absorb axial and angular movement. Some examples of useful applications for metal bellows include actuators, beamlines, expansion joints, mechanical seals, pumps, valve seals, thermal expansion tanks, reservoirs, and more.

Metal bellows are available from MW Components in three varieties, which are differentiated by their fabrication method; these include edge-welded bellows, electrodeposited bellows, and hydroformed bellows. MW Components produces precision custom metal bellows using all three of these fabrication methods.http://www.egerseal.com/